"The insights in writing the booklet came from students themselves and appeal to youth."


Download the My County Booklet. Online and Interactive!

The Madison County Chamber of Commerce has used the booklet for years in responding to requests from children across North Carolina who write for information about Madison County for their school projects. While this booklet is specific regarding information about Madison County, the basic format can be used to adapt a “My County” booklet for other counties.

A Heritage of Heritage

For ten years the staff of IN OUR OWN WAY has organized and managed the Heritage Festival in an effort to build community and assist local artists and craft persons in marketing handmade works from Madison County.

Heritage Day is highlighted by the performance of traditional mountain music groups, clogging, and demonstrations of local people making traditional crafts.


Community Services

The "My County" Booklet
The “My County” booklet is designed to educate the youth of Madison about their history and culture, its people, geography, economy and history. Before the booklet was written, IN OUR OWN WAY interviewed young people in the Madison County School System.

Their insights on how the booklet could be written to appeal to youth were critical to its success. Hundreds of copies have been distributed to the Madison County School System. In addition, the booklet is popular with adults looking for simplified information about the county.

Madison County Heritage Festival
Imagine a picturesque, southern town by the classic buildings and manicured lawns of a 150 year old college with its lofty mountains just showing the first hints of fall. Now imagine the streets and campus filled with traditional music, crafts, and succulent food. Your imagination just won’t equal the experience you’ll have at the Madison County Heritage Festival. For over 30 years this event has been held the first Saturday in October in Mars Hill; a short 20 mile drive north of Asheville, North Carolina.