"Finally, the truth, an explanation of prophecy that's been given to mankind down through the ages."


Reader of The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand Provides a Reviewsubmitted by Sharon Drake, New York
Finally, the truth, an explanation of prophecy that’s been given to mankind down through the ages. This book, “The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand”, by Ed Roache is a wonderful, inspiring, logical and believable writing about the times we are now living in.

It was also fascinating to learn the true identity of the long expected Messiah who is soon to come to this upside down weary world, we live in today. Dr Roache has shown the validity of many different writings in today’s world that reveal the truths that are there for all to see.

The book, “The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand” by Edmund J. Roache, explicitly explains what, according to prophecy will soon happen to those who choose to do God’s will. Of course this book also explains in great detail what will happen to those who choose not to do God’s will. As this book points out, the choices are ours to make, “as we choose so will we become.

About the Author

About the Author
Dr. Edmund Roache has his formal education in science. He is a physician in New York State where he has been practicing for many years.

Dr. Roache has, since childhood, searched for truth and an understanding of man's relationship to God.

The "Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand" grew out of an intensive study of The Old Testament, Dead Sea Scrolls, The Urantia Book, The Book of Enoch, The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson and the realization that what was emerging from this study was a totally different world view. It became clear to him that prophetic scripture of the Old Testament and the illuminated and recently acquired urantia Book and Dead Sea Scrolls presented a new and unified interpretation and syntehsis of prophetic scriptures.

"As a scientist, I believed that predictive prophecy was impossible. The first time I read the Old Testament prophets, I understood practically nothing. Slowly, I realized I had overlooked this source as a result of many, deeply ingrained prejudices and assumptions that have turned out to be false in the light of further analysis. As so, little by little, step-by-step, the meanings and values emerged from the scriptural texts.

The power of this book is to help the reader understand that the prophets, long ago, wrote for our edification, guidance and use. They laid out for us the prophetic picture of the end of this age as we know it and a new age to follow.

I feel confident that these truths will stand the true test of time because they belong not to me but to God Himself. As always, each of us must decide whether or not we will avail ourselves of the information that He has so generously provided."



The Kingdom of Heaven is at HandThe Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand: A Reader Review
The "Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" presents the most challenging and far reaching presentation of comparative prophecy to date.  It is a book of revelation and inspiration to the reader whose life's work is a search for truth.  It is also a "must read" for those who seek to understand and interpret current world events and the future of humanity.

This is not a book based on prediction.  Is is a scholarly work that challenges the reader to take a hard look at the relevancy of true prophecy and the value of one's spiritual heritage running through the centuries to the barren times of a materialistic age.  It is a unified interpretation of the Old Testament Prophets, the Dead Sea Scrolls, 1 Enoch and the Urantia Book.  The authori also weaves together the work of 20th century prophets Emily Dickenson and Walt Whitman.

Words of true prophecy often have past, present and future connotations. Reverence for the source of prophecy is the key to its study.  The prophets of old have foretold our current age and the future of humanity and offer the most complete understanding of our troubled world that exists today.

This book has been in manuscript form since 1999 and was published in 2004.  The true test of prophecy is the march of time and the historical events that are unfolded in our lives.  So far the tenets and explanation provided by this book are passing the test of time with remarkable accuracy.

The length of the book is mostly accounted for by the generous presentation of quoted material from the various sources discussed.  The careful reader will develop a broad understanding of all the sources discussed and his efforts will be duly rewarded with a new found understanding of the human condition and the confusing world in which he lives today.

When crisis of enormous magnitude someday arises this book will be a beacon of sanity amidst the crumbling paradigms and toppling walls of a civilization gone awry.

submitted by Preston Thomas, author, The Life and Teachings of Jesus
The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand advances a new and enlarged perspective on our world and its problems. Its message is positive and optimistic. Yes, we ar ein a time of mounting crisis, but God will now allow the world to destroy itself. He will directly intervene into human history. he will protect those who trust in Him and follow His will; and they will witness the dawn of a bright and glorious new age following the climax of our present troubles. God has foreseen all and shown us through the inspired writings of His prophets what will be. His purpose in prphecy is that we may be stabilized, comforted, strengthened, and prepared for the future.

A central feature of this book is its greatly expanded revelation of this mysterious figure, Melchizedek, who is only briefly mentioned in The Bible. It details Melchizedek's unrecognized influence in our past and the central role he will play in our future.

Dr. Roache's study of The Dead Sea Scrolls is another bonus of this book. He presents a very informative and helpful introduction into these important and recently unearthed documents. In the Scrolls he identifies a new and undiscovered prophet, the "Teacher of Righteousness," and reveals his amazing insights into Melchizedek.

The great mass of the book is devoted to collecting (and quoting for immediate reference) the major prophecies and teachings of the Old Testament prophets. These quotations are followed by clear explanations and interpretations. Each prophet is treated individually (in chronological sequence) and at the same time the teachings of all the prophets are expertly woven together into a meaningful and coherent whole. This collection and organization of the cream of the prophetic teachings provides an unparalleled study of prophecy that both enlightens the reader and stimulates further study of prophecy from original sources.

Many fascinating topics are discussed, always with clear presentation and fresh insight. These include: the foretold history of Israel (past, present and future), the story of Abraham and his descendents, the historical record of the Jews, the Lost Ten Tribes, the meaning of "Israel" and "the elect" in prophecy, the Messiah, the final prophet, and America in prophecy."