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You've Got to Read This Book!

You've Got to Read This Book!
In the Book "You've Got to Read this Book!" 55 people tell of the book that had the greatest impact on their lives. Mo Siegel, found of the Celestial Seasonings Tea Company gives a moving testimony as to the impact the Urantia Book had on his life. He says in particular about the Jesus papers, "When I read the section in The Urantia Book about Jesus, I was profoundly moved: Jesus-- both the human being and the Son of God -- came alive in the most superbly written biographical literature that I have ever come across."

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The Life and Teachings of Jesus, A Restatement of the Gospels

A Restatement of the Gospels is offered in bonded leather with gold stamping
6x9 - 252 Pages. 

It offers
 A fresh vision of Jesus
 His life and teachings arranged in chronological order
 Wholly constructed from Biblical verses
 Easy to understand
 Well suited to young people
 Helpful explanatory notes
 Large type for easy reading
 Guidance, comfort, and inspiration for living, and
 Makes a great gift


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The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

This is not a book based on prediction. Is is a scholarly work that challenges the reader to take a hard look at the relevancy of true prophecy and the value of one's spiritual heritage running through the centuries to the barren times of a materialistic age. It is a unified interpretation of the Old Testament Prophets, the Dead Sea Scrolls, 1 Enoch and the Urantia Book. The authori also weaves together the work of 20th century prophets Emily Dickenson and Walt Whitman.

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$17.95 plus shipping and handling in U.S.

Words of true prophecy often have past, present and future connotations. Reverence for the source of prophecy is the key to its study. The prophets of old have foretold our current age and the future of humanity and offer the most complete understanding of our troubled world that exists today.

This book has been in manuscript form since 1999 and was published in 2004. The true test of prophecy is the march of time and the historical events that are unfolded in our lives. So far the tenets and explanation provided by this book are passing the test of time with remarkable accuracy.

The length of the book is mostly accounted for by the generous presentation of quoted material from the various sources discussed. The careful reader will develop a broad understanding of all the sources discussed and his efforts will be duly rewarded with a new found understanding of the human condition and the confusing world in which he lives today.

When crisis of enormous magnitude someday arises this book will be a beacon of sanity amidst the crumbling paradigms and toppling walls of a civilization gone awry.



The Life and Teachings of Jesus

Purchase The Life and Teachings of Jesus by Preston Thomas $17.95 plus shipping and handling

The Life and Teachings of Jesus is the result of a nine year effort to concentrate the Bible verses associated with Jesus into one volume. Each occurrence of his life is treated individually, and then arranged in a chronological sequence. Thus, it presents Jesus’ life and teachings as they actually took place, from birth through death and resurrection. This format promotes a better understanding of Jesus’ real life and hisoriginal gospel of the kingdom.

Helpful explanatory notes are generously supplied.
The book includes an exhaustive index so that readers can quickly find what Jesus said
concerning any topic. It also includes a list of
Jesus’s parables, miracles, and teachings that outline his philosophy of living. This beautiful bonded leather edition makes an attractive and meaningful gift. Now offered at $18.95 plus shipping and handling in U.S.

Read all about the Jesus Papers in "Jesus A New Revelation"


This book retells the story of Jesus' life, revealing many truths which have been lost for almost 2000 years. The celestial authors of this volume maintain "And this is the recital of the events... as viewed by those who saw them as they really occurred, free from the limitations of partial and restricted human vision."

Jesus-- A New Revelation is available through In Our Own Way.

The Urantia Book is available from The Urantia Foundation.